Rock Star Jeep Fan

by mbethard

Chrysler’s Jeep SUV division has signed on the Grammy-winning artist, Lenny Kravitz, to help launch its latest advertising campaign for the 2011 Jeep Wrangler, which includes a new track, “Rock Star City Life,” from his coming album “Black and White America,” which is set for release in August.

The campaign is the work of Global Hue, a Southfield, Mich., company that specializes in marketing to African-American and Hispanic consumers. It reflects a long-term plan at Jeep to diversify its audience. Jeep also says it sought to work with Kravitz in part because he has been driving the same Jeep for 16 years.

“Not only is Kravitz an outstanding singer, songwriter and performer, he is a long-time Jeep owner and fan of the brand,” said Jeep brand boss Mike Manley. He said the singer, whose first album came out in 1989, “understands the core values of the Jeep brand that include an authentic style, a no holds barred-adventurous approach to life, as well as mastering the ability to withstand the test of time.”

The first broadcast commercial for the 2011 Wrangler is called “Extraordinary Adventure Swamp.” Check it out now….