Virginia Jeep Lovers Photo Contest

by mbethard

Enter for your chance to win your very own

Garmin 1490 T GPS System!

FIRST….. Use your literary skills and tell us about the ‘happiest’ your Jeep has ever been.  Did you take a day-trip to the Blue Ridge Mountains? Wander across country into Sacramento and the Baja peninsula? Or were you simply filled to the brim with soccer equipment heading to your 8-year-old’s final game of the season?

SECOND….. Grab a picture, if you have one, because as they say, ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’, and this IS a contest, after all!  Show us how much fun you and your Jeep have together.

virginia jeep loverTHIRD….. Insert your story and picture into the comments section of this post.  Make sure to include your name, so we know who to give the credit to!

FOURTH….. Take a look at the other comments that have already been posted – and check daily.  On the last day of the contest, July 30th, we will combine all stories and pictures into one post.  At that point, you, our readers, get to make the decision.  Simply make your choice at the bottom of the post, and the Jeep lover with the most votes receives a Garmin GPS device, and their photo will become our profile picture on our blog for the month of August.

Good Luck….and Happy Blogging!!!

**to add your picture to the comments section, you’ll need to type it out. here’s how:

<img src=””/&gt;

The code explained:

<img src= – This is the opening tag.

/> – This is the closing tag. Look to the very end /> 

“” – This is the location of your image file – if you’ve uploaded to picasa or similar you’ll need to locate your file and enter it in between the ” ” – don’t forget the ‘http’.

If you have trouble, let us know, and we’ll send you an email link!