Chrysler Joins the Fight Against Autism – both globally and locally

by mbethard

SRT Brand Racing in Targa Newfoundland, Raising Money for Autism Fight

Led by SRT Brand President/CEO Ralph Gilles, Chrysler Group has sent three teams to race in Targa Newfoundland, from Sept. 10-17. Targa Newfoundland is an enthusiasts’ race that offers a “2200 kilometre course with scenery & competition we know you won’t find anywhere else – enjoy the paved, open roads of eastern & central Newfoundland and the many wonders of natural beauty.”

Chrysler Represented by Three Cars

Pacionne and Maxwell's Challenger  Gilles, who is behind the wheel of a Dodge Viper SRT10, is teamed with experienced Targa competitor Jen Horsey of Toronto. The Gilles-Horsey team is joined by:
Canadian race driver and former Targa competitor Rob Pacione and Brian Maxwell, Port Hope, Ont. Pacionne and Maxwell will drive a lime green Dodge Challenger SRT8 392, the same driven by Gilles at Targa in 2008.
Los Angeles-based journalist and commentator George Notaras — aka “MotoMan” — and co-driver Nick Chambers, Washington, D.C. They will handle a 2012 Dodge Challenger SRT8 392. The Challenger SRT8 392 will take on the tough Targa course in virtually stock configuration.

Chrysler Group’s SRT team will be driving for their pride, the thrill of the ride, AND to help raise $50,000 for Autism Society of Newfoundland & Labrador.

Locally, the fight for Autism is Equally Important

Becky Hutton of Safford Chrysler Jeep Dodge of Fredericksburg ‘Walks Now For Autism Speaks’

Becky will be participating in the 2011 ‘Walk Now for Autism Speaks’ on October 1st, in Richmond, Virginia. She has joined her brother’s team, ‘Maddy’s Minions’ in support of his daughter, Maddy. By participating in this event, her goal is to help change the future for all who struggle with autism.

By walking, the organization ‘Walk Now for Autism Speaks’ aims to help the world get one step closer to finding what causes autism, how to prevent and treat it, and ultimately find a cure, so no family ever has to hear the words, ” Your child has autism,” again. Until then, their walk hopes to find answers and raise awareness about the devastating toll that autism has had on families dealing with autism.

Now it’s Our Turn

Let’s all join in the fight against autism

For the next 16 days – until October 1st, the day of Becky’s walk – Safford Chrysler Jeep Dodge of Fredericksburgwill donate $5 for each person who joins our blog, until Maddy’s Minions reaches their team goal of $1000. All money donated by Safford of Fredericksburg will go directly to Becky for her team.

In addition, you can go directly to the team page of Maddy’s Minions to make a personal donation:

Everybody Wants to be Heard

by Kyle Cousins

Let’s help give all children a tomorrow that is about dance lessons, school lunches and first words, rather than therapy, doctor appointments and despair.