Your Virginia Dodge Dealer asks, ” What do women want?” ( in a car, that is….)

by mbethard

Virginia Dodge Dealer

Pop culture likes to make jokes about “crazy women drivers,” yet a recent MSN report shows that statistically, women are safer drivers than men.  This article got me thinking about what the differences might be between women and men in the ways they drive and buy cars.

Do women care about technology in their cars? Yes!  And car manufacturers are developing new technology and safety features with a healthy dose of style to appeal to female car buyers.

Women buy 45 to 50% of all new cars and influence up to 80% of all automotive purchases. To target this demographic, your Virginia Dodge dealer showcases manufacturers like Chrysler, Jeep and Dodge which feature female-friendly technology that makes their busy lives easier.

“Research shows women car buyers are interested in safety technology, such as backup cameras, airbags, and warning systems, and they’re also looking for seamless communication technology that keeps them connected to their families, work, and social lives,” says Liane Yvkoff of CNet.

Here are some features she highlights from “a recent promotional event for women automotive journalists where 11 auto manufacturers demonstrated vehicles they’re marketing toward female car buyers.”

                                                                       The Dashboard of the Dodge Journey enables connectivity and keeps information easily at your fingertips.

The Dashboard of the Dodge Journey enables connectivity and keeps information easily at your fingertips.

  • Chrysler’s Stow ‘n Go seats mean you will never have to deal with removing seats and finding a place to store them just to get extra floor space. The third-row seats automatically fold out-of-the-way and second-row captain’s chairs slide and fold into the minivan’s floor. Safety features have also been upgraded in the 2011 Chrysler Town and Country, including rear headrests that meet new crash test standards. The new headrests fold out of way when not in use, which improves rear visibility, although the rear backup camera is there to help out drivers in a pinch.
  • The Dodge Journey seats 5 to 7 and has a few touches of its distant cousin, the Chrysler Town and Country, such as an automatic liftgate, a 115-volt outlet, and clever seating and storage. Second-row seats tilt and slide to fold flat and offer optional built-in child booster seats that pop up when you need them and stow away when you don’t.
  • Working Virginia moms can store laptops and other electronics in the Journey‘s storage compartment under the front-seat cushion. A rear entertainment system is now available on the 2012 model, and it features Chrysler’s new uConnect system with a large touch-screen navigation system and rear backup camera. The infotainment system offers all the latest travel features for commuting and carpooling, including the ability to look up traffic, search for gas stations by price, and locate near by movie showtimes and listings.
Marketing both feeds and creates desires: with so much to choose from and a wealth of information, women no longer ask the dealer for “a pretty car in pink, please”. In fact, when I ordered my Dodge Durango Citadel, my Safford salesman and I discussed the merits of the latest 290-hp 3.6L 6-cyl  engine for half an hour and were just about to end the conversation when he said, “Ah … almost forgot … What color do you want?”

Come take a look for yourself, at the incredible selection of vehicles that Safford Chrysler Jeep Dodge of Fredericksburg has to offer. Study the different models, options…. go for a test drive or two, and decide exactly what it is that you want in your next vehicle….. and if you really want ‘just a pretty pink car,’ we might have something for you…..

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