My favorite feature on my 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee*

by mbethard

rain sensing windshield wipers

*especially on a day like today

In technical terms:

The microprocessor-based Rain Sensor Module (RSM) senses moisture in the wipe pattern on the outside of the windshield glass and sends wipe commands to the Body Control Module (BCM). Four InfraRed (IR) diodes within the RSM generate IR light beams that are aimed by four of the convex optical lenses near the base of the module through the windshield glass. Four additional convex optical lenses near the top of the RSM are focused on the IR light beams on the outside of the windshield glass and allow the two photocells within the module to sense changes in the intensity of these IR light beams. When sufficient moisture accumulates within the wipe pattern of the windshield glass, the RSM detects a change in the monitored IR light beam intensity.

The internal programming of the RSM then sends the appropriate electronic wipe command messages to the BCM over the Programmable Communications Interface (PCI) data bus. The BCM responds by activating or deactivating the front wiper system. 

The way I see it:

I can concentrate on my driving rather than having to think about clearing my windshield of rain.  The front windshield wipers activate when rain is detected and speed up or slow down based on how much moisture they detect on the windshield. My 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee is ‘my brain in the rain.’ 🙂

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