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Virginia Chrysler Dealer sells Award Winning Brand

Chrysler is pleased to announce that it has been named one of 2012’s Top 10 Car Brands by Total Car Score, a well-respected automotive research and comparison website that ranks every car, truck, van and crossover on the market.

Different than the awards for top-scoring car, which focus exclusively on individual models, the list of top car brands ranks automakers according to the overall strengths of their entire lineup. The goal, says Karl Brauer, editor in chief of Total Car Score, is to provide “a data-driven assessment of which automakers are producing the most desirable, highest-quality cars.”

The fact that Chrysler made the Top 10 means that all of our vehicles, from the Chrysler 200 to the Chrysler Town & Country, displayed the kind of consistency that brings only positive attention. And that’s not all—while we scored higher across the board than most of the competition, we also showed the second highest year-over-year improvement, jumping a whopping 3.71 points in total automaker score.

Here’s what Total Car Score had to say about a few of our models:

Chrysler Town & Country:

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2012 Chrysler Town & Country

The 2012 Chrysler Town & Country earned a Total Car Score that’s among the highest in the Minivan category. Having perhaps the strongest pedigree in this segment, the Town & Country now arrives in its best form yet.

Chrysler 300:

virginia chrysler dealer

2012 Chrysler 300 SRT

The 300 has been praised for its comfortable ride, powerful engines, all-wheel-drive capability and a new eight-speed automatic transmission that enhances both performance and fuel economy. Reviewers also spoke highly of the 300’s stylish exterior, upscale cabin and abundance of tech and luxury features, including standard Uconnect infotainment and a high-end 19-speaker sound system.

Chrysler 200:

virginia chrysler dealer

2012 Chrysler 200 Convertible

Critics universally agreed that the 200 (in both sedan and convertible form) is much better than the Sebring it replaced a year ago in just about every way: styling, interior design, ride comfort, and, when equipped with the Pentastar V6, driving dynamics.

Safford Chrysler Jeep Dodge of Fredericksburg, your Virginia Chrysler dealer, is proud to offer these award-winning vehicles. Provided this trend continues—and we see no reason why it shouldn’t—we’re looking forward to climbing even higher in the ranks next year.

Stop in for a test drive today, of the Chrysler Town & Country, the Chrysler 300, or the Chrysler 200, and see what makes us one of the Top Chrysler Dealers in the Country that offers one of the Top Car Brands in America.

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Safford Chrysler Jeep Dodge of Fredericksburg

5202 Jefferson Davis Highway, Fredericksburg, VA

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Chrysler Group LLC Recognizes 30 Dealerships for Environmentally-Conscious Operations

AUBURN HILLS, Mich., May 8, 2012 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ — 30 Chrysler Group dealerships recognized for demonstrating environmental responsibility in daily operations

 This is the first group of dealers to be recognized under the new Dealer ECO (Environmentally Conscious Operations) Program launched last year by the Chrysler Group Network Development organization and the Corporate Sustainability Office. The new program provides Chrysler Group dealers with the opportunity to demonstrate their commitment to ECO business practices and to be recognized for their efforts.

“The Dealer ECO Program is a vital initiative that supports Chrysler Group’s commitment to creating a sustainable enterprise,” said Peter Grady, Vice President of Network Development & Fleet, Chrysler Group LLC. “We commend these dealerships for their efforts and look forward to sharing their examples with others in order to expand and strengthen our shared commitment to sustainability.”

The 30 Chrysler Group dealerships are located in 19 states, more than a third of them in California, New York, and Michigan. To commemorate their achievements, Chrysler Group recently presented each dealership with a bamboo display plaque and dealership employees with flash drives encased in bamboo.

safford chrysler jeep dodge of fredericksburg environmentally conscious

The 30 dealerships were chosen for recognition by Network Development and the Corporate Sustainability Office based on data gleaned from dealership online surveys and in-dealership photos. Seventy-five dealerships entered this inaugural Dealer ECO Program.

Selection was based on a dealership’s major ECO initiatives, energy efficiency, waste recycling, wastewater control, bulk oil containment, vehicle lift maintenance, and community relations program.

Safford Chrysler Jeep Dodge of Fredericksburg is proud to be included in this esteemed group of dealers!

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Your Environmentally Responsible Chrysler Dealer Serving DC, Maryland and Virginia

5202 Jefferson Davis Hwy, Fredericksburg, VA

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Your DC Chrysler Dealer introduces you to your next Family Car: The 2012 Chrysler 300

2012 Chrysler 300 Front View

For a brief time in my life (three weeks?) I had the chance to drive the incredible Chrysler 300: luxurious, edgy, performance beyond belief…and then it was no more. Just a teaser for me while I got to do a little research for my blog.  It was a ‘sad-day-in-May’ (April), but we vowed not to say ‘good-bye,’ but only ‘see you soon.’ ( a girl can dream )

When one thinks of the Chrysler 300, they automatically think, as I did: luxury, style, innovative technology and exceptional performance. And they’re right. But what they fail to think of, is: five-star safety rating, a ’10 best family cars of 2012′ award (kbb), blind spot monitoring and fuel saver technology. There’s a lot more than just beauty to this Chrysler luxury vehicle. Let’s take a look:


2012 chrysler 300 family car

The Chrysler 300 has received a five-star safety rating from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, proving that it can stand up to just about anything the road throws at it. The Chrysler 300 has an all-wheel-drive system which automatically detects road conditions to determine whether to employ all-wheel drive or rear-wheel drive. The active transfer case and front axle disconnect work together to provide an on-demand transition between the two, delivering first-class performance and handling. The all-wheel-drive system, the most advanced in its class, also works in tandem with a host of standard control offerings like ABS, Electronic Stability Control (ESC), Traction Control, Brake Assist, Ready Alert Braking, Hill Start Assist, and Rain Brake Support — which applies slight pressure and dries the brake discs as soon as wipers are activated.

Available in the Chrysler 300 Limited, 300C, 300 S and 300 SRT8®, the ParkSense® Rear Park Assist System offers front and rear park assist sensors which detect the presence of objects up to 3.9 feet from the front of the vehicle and 6.5 feet from the rear. Then, the system gives you an audible and visual warning in the Electronic Vehicle Information Center (EVIC). So whether you’re in drive or reverse, the Chrysler 300 helps you advance, safely.

chrysler 300 family vehicle

Available in the Chrysler 300 Limited, 300 C, 300 S and 300 SRT8®, Blind Spot Monitoring technology uses radar sensors to help the driver when changing lanes or if being passed by an unseen vehicle. The system lets the driver know of a vehicle in their blind spot via illuminated icons on the side-view mirror and a programmable audible warning.

Advanced multistage front airbags, supplemental front-seat thorax side airbags, a driver-knee airbag, and supplemental side-curtain airbags, for front and rear outboard occupants are all standard.

This latest technology enables the front active head restraints to automatically move forward and upward in the event of a rear-end collision to decrease the space between the head restraint and the occupant’s head, helping to provide added protection.


The 3.6L Pentastar V6 and the 5.7L HEMI V8 with Fuel Saver Technology are both engineered to be effortless on the highway and responsive in the city. And features like the new eight-speed automatic transmission help maximize performance and mpg — so you can spend more time hitting the gas and less time pumping it.

chrysler 300 family car

HEMI® Fuel Saver Technology optimizes fuel efficiency when V8 power is not required, without sacrificing vehicle performance or capability.

Power, efficiency and control all add up in the 2012 Chrysler 300. The 3.6L Pentastar® V6 with 8-speed automatic produces 292 horsepower and a powerfully efficient 19 city / 31 highway mpg. The Chrysler 300C 5.7L HEMI® V8 delivers a road-gripping 363 horsepower with a gas-sipping 16 city / 25 highway mpg — with that power wielded most precisely by the advanced 300C all-wheel-drive system. And with a host of standard control offerings for all trim levels, the Chrysler 300 is built to exceed expectations and do donuts around compromise.

Chrysler 300: A Family Car

chrysler 300 family car

Then there’s the matter of comfort, reliability, and all of the other factors that go into determining whether or not a vehicle is suitable for transporting a family. That comes in the form of a Kelley Blue Book “10 Best Family Cars of 2012” award. Of course safety, reliability, efficiency and fuel mileage are big factors when choosing the right family car, but it’s the little things that matter too:


With a laminated acoustic windshield, fiber acoustic wheel liners, and two full-length acoustic underbody closeouts, the only thing that’s been muted in the redesign of the Chrysler 300 is the distraction of road noise.


Every detail in the Chrysler 300 is designed to steer you towards refinement. Premium finishes and soft-touch materials give dramatic depth to every surface. Inventive technology flourishes throughout the cabin and keeps you connected and comfortable. The acoustic properties of the cabin reduce outside noise and increase interior peace.

And while a wealth of features are loaded into the interior redesign, Chrysler still found room to give it 50.7 cubic feet of rear seat volume. It’s all in an effort to make being inside the 300 as beautiful an experience as looking at one.


Chrysler 300 Family car

Available in the Chrysler 300 Limited and standard in the 300C — specially-designed heated and cooled cup holders make sure your drinks are as comfy as you are.


chrysler 300 family car

The Uconnect Touch™ system is Detroit know-how and intuitive technology on display. This 8.4-inch interactive touchscreen display allows you to access your cell phone, SiriusXM Satellite Radio+, MP3 player, HVAC and more. It’s luxury at the touch of a finger. And it comes standard.

PHONE. Talking on the phone while driving has never been easier — or more responsible. Uconnect® Phone is the in-vehicle, voice- activated communication system that allows you to pair up to seven Bluetooth® compatible phones and then talk virtually hands-free. This system is also clever enough to synchronize with your phone’s address book — up to 1,000 entries — every time you get into your vehicle.

NAVIGATION. Provides turn-by-turn voice guidance and visual display. It can also locate nearby restaurants, shopping, hospitals, or points of local interest through an exclusive Garmin® GPS system. The new radio features Garmin’s intuitive user interface, bringing the Garmin handheld experience to a factory in-dash radio.

SIRIUSXM TRAVEL LINK™. Brings a wealth of useful information to your fingertips, including: national weather information for current and forecasted weather, fuel prices to check local gas stations, sports scores for in-game and final scores, as well as weekly movie theater schedules and local listings.

WEB. Put the power of high-speed Internet in your vehicle with Uconnect Web. Effortlessly connect any WiFi-enabled device to the Internet at 3G broadband speeds, making your vehicle a mobile Hotspot. Passengers can use multiple devices at the same time. There’s no need for cell cards or software with this Authentic Chrysler Accessory by Mopar. It’s all wireless. Subscription required. Sold separately.

ENTERTAINMENT. Manage all of your media. You’ll have five ways to access audio, including SiriusXM Satellite Radio (your first year of service is included), iPod® Control with Voice Command, auxiliary jack, SD card slot, Bluetooth streaming audio, and can be accessed through DVDs, compatible multimedia devices, and gaming consoles.


Chrysler was founded on the philosophy of design with purpose. To build revolutionary new cars – affordable luxury vehicles known for their innovative, forward-thinking engineering. Their beautiful purpose? To create the type of exciting, efficient, reliable, safe vehicles you expect and deserve. The 2012 Chrysler 300: Your next Family Car.


your DC AREA Chrysler Dealer

Come visit us to test drive the 2012 Chrysler 300 today.


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